Trim and Wine Rack

The last phase of the Ikea kitchen build was to add the crown molding, baseboards and wine rack.   First we still needed to install the wine rack. Originally we didn’t plan to have a cabinet there but the electrician made a mistake and forgot to run an outlet so we we had to cut a hole in the drywall to fish a wire which provided the perfect opportunity to add the wine rack.

















We added an extra bit of the metal track after carefully aligning the wine rack with the top of the oven cabinet then hung the cabinet in the same way we did the others.  The oven cabinet was the only high cabinet that did not make use of the track so there really wasn’t anything to align off of other than estimating the track distance to the top.


Its not an inexpensive drywall patch but we love wine so thi was dual purpose.  I added some spacers of baseboard trim between the cabinets so that I wouldn’t feel obligated to tile a gap all the way to the top.   Next we started the crown.  As you can see above there really isn’t anywhere to nail crown molding into.   The method that we came up with that was fairly easy was to use scrap plywood (3″ by whatever cabinet side length) and screw it into the top of the cabinet using pocket hole screws.  This gave us a backer that was flush with the edge of the cabinet and very easy to nail to.  Here is a quick sketch of the plywood backing plus the first layer for the crown:

Crown Drawing

I screwed the backing into the top of the cabinet using those pocket holes and screws and then screwed Ikea’s baseboards to the backing from the rear to avoid marring the surface. Next crown 1.75″ cove was run around the top of the baseboards to create a larger crown molding effect.  This is my favorite way to create a crown look as it requires less precise corners (1.75″ cove to matchup vs a full 3.5″ crown piece). It is fairly easy to get really tight corners using this approach.

Crown Drawing2

From there we spent some time doing the same method around all of the upper cabinets and finally finished off the kitchen.  Here is a picture of the finished product near that wine rack:


Here is one more picture of the crown work we did the same way.  The pin holes are spackled from my nail gun but we have not put on the final coat of paint:


Next time I will post photos of the final result and recap the project.

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