Next Step: Clear out and hang the upper cabinets

The first step that Ikea recommends is hanging the upper corner cabinets. But first… we had to clear the space:


The upper cabinets hang off of a slotted metal track. I brought our trusty Harbor Freight to the site and used it to cut the metal tracks to length. I used a 2×4 to support one end and cut it on the back of my pickup. Accuracy is not paramount here as the tracks don’t need to extend to the edge of the cabinet run. You can be short be at least an inch.


Once the tracks are cut you insert the hardware so that when the tracks are mounted on the wall you just need to hang your cabinets off the bolts. I found it much easier to add the hardware on the ground before screwing the tracks into the studs with 2.5″ screws:


Finally, you mount the track on the wall. I used the Ikea recommended height for the track (can’t remember what that is plus about 2″ because we wanted more under cabinet space. In the interest of full disclosure… I used a rotary laser used for surveying to mark the entire run of cabinets. I realize not everyone will have one of these but a level should work just as well:

Rotary Laser

Next I put the first two tracks on the wall. This is necessary as you are supposed to start with the corner cabinet according to Ikea. I should point out that Ikea recommends two people for this job. The cabinet is not super light so its probably advisable although its possible with one person obviously.


After all that… we now have a cabinet on the wall. You basically lift the cabinet onto the bolts. It will teeter there for a second so make sure you have the square washer and nuts in your pocket to secure the cabinet. I had to adjust the bolt location several times by sliding it in the track to get this first cabinet up. After that it was a breeze to measure bolt locations and add more cabinets. The last thing I want to point out is that it makes sense to put your upper cabinets up before the lowers so that you have room to walk and lift the uppers. If I had to do it again I think the only step I would add is cutting some 2×4 supports to set the cabinet on to help me position them.


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