Finish the corner upper cabinets and start the lower cabinets

When you first hang the corner upper cabinet you have to cut the rails to the length of the two nearest runs of cabinets.  I filled in those cabinets by sliding the hanging hardware until they were touching.



From here you have to be careful about mounting some through bolts to attach the second cabinet to the corner cabinet.  These through bolts do a great job of aligning the cabinets permanently though if you use a couple of clamps as suggested by the Ikea instructions.  Next I added the last corner cabinet and started to work on the lower cabinets that wouldn’t conflict with hanging more uppers.


There are a couple of things worth noting in the picture above.  I mounted 2x4s to the wall instead of the ikea supplied mouting boards to give the cabinet something more substantial to sit on.  Second, be careful about your wiring height. Notice how i had to interrupt the 2×4 several times.  It would have probably been easier to have the electrician raise the height of these outlets to somewhere inside the cabinet itself.  Third, you can’t spend enough time leveling that first cabinet in every direction possible using the adjustable feet supplied by Ikea.  This cabinet dictates the rest of your run so its quite important.  Fourth, a stud finder pays huge dividends as you need to mount the steel brackets in the upper back of the lower cabinets to studs or use really good anchors.  I used toggle bolts as they are generally the strongest (below).


I stopped for the day after putting up a few more of those lower runs:


A Couple of comments here are:

(1) notice the two padded clamps used to clamp cabinets together.  These are hugely useful before drilling holes.

(2) notice the two drills. Its nice to not be changing between 3/8 drill bit and driver for attaching the cabinets. Saves lots of time.

Lastly, take lots of pictures…. just reviewing this I realized where the outlet is for my garbage disposal that I haven’t hooked up yet.  Right below that window divider.  Not sure how I missed that when mounting the sink cabinet.

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