Finally! Assemble the boxes

After all the planning and waiting for delivery, the fun of assembling the boxes was finally here. A crew of the most efficient people I know was critical: my wife, sister-in-law and mother-in-law. I offered Costco salad and wine as wages which seemed liked a pretty solid payback.

To pull together all of the parts we needed for each cabinet, we kept lists of our order (which includes all of the parts necessary for each cabinet by cabinet number) in the garage and would basically have one person pull together boxes while others assembled. Overall this was fairly easy as the parts became easier to identify after the 3rd or 4th box and the Ikea delivery guy seemed to actually do a good job of grouping parts at dropoff. It was definitely nice having the entire garage to lay out our parts:

garge full o cabinets

In order to increase efficiency we set up a large table and had several full sets of tools around the workstation so that we wouldn’t be bending over all day long. This included: pneumatic stapler, cordless power drill with hex bits, some mallets and lots of solid screw drivers. We were able to assemble all 14 boxes in a single morning with a quick break for lunch at the station below:
Boxes on the ground

Once the girls got going each box took about 15 minutes to assemble. You basically pull the tops and sides together with cam locks and then staple the back on. Additionally you attach some metal brackets to the sides for hanging the cabinets from the wall rails. After you have done one Ikea box you won’t need to read the instructions again except for maybe the corner cabinet which had a couple of extra steps. As you can see in the photo above we spent a little time positioning the cabinets on the floor to check the position and size vs our final dimensions. After all that planning I think we had at most .5″ of variance amongst the walls due to a miscalculation on my part relative to drywall thickness. Thus, I recommend measuring the actual site and not just relying on cad or plan dimensions.

We ran out of room quickly for working so we placed the remainder of the boxes in other rooms that we knew didn’t have much work going on during this phase of construction.

extra storage

Next time I’ll show how we attached the cabinets to the walls and started working on the island. Many thanks Holly, Wendy and Cheryl for their help during this stage!

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