Steps to Getting a Blog Hosted

Here is how the backend was generated for this Blog. I’ll do a future post on the minor front end modifications that I’ve done.

I started at (their getting started page) after listening to a Tim Ferriss Podcast where he interviewed Matt Mullenweg who is the creator of WordPress and CEO of Automattic. Evidently it is quite the system and used by such sites as the NY Times, Washington Post etc. and now this humble site 🙂

So what does WordPress do? It appears to be an open source (i.e. free), set of tools/widgets/themes etc. for building websites that obviates most of the need for coding. I haven’t touched a line of code yet other than inserting the Matt Mullenweg hyperlink above. So far, no technical skills are necessary. It includes tools for generating html as well as a mysql backend that appears to store things (not sure what). At some point I’ll log into the server and see what it is doing. Either way, it was easy to set up although slow in terms of days to get moving and seems to be quite customizable. I selected after checking out several other solutions (Wix, Squarespace etc.) but found they quickly worked into more dependency on vendors than I wanted.
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Finished Setting up the site

I ended up adding a bunch of themes and plugins while testing out wordpress. Woocommerce appears great for adding a shopping service and many of the themes are compatible with it. As of now i’ve disabled the shopping features to focus on creating a little bit of content.

Starting the Blog

So… I finally was able to get this thing rolling.  The famous 5 minute install only took me 5 days.  When I have time I’ll try to publish my notes on how and why this took so long. Granted I only worked on it about an hour each day and had some purchasing and technical hangups.  So far this is very easy to use but makes me wonder about customization.