Adding Doors and Appliances

The counters are in and we need to install all the appliances and doors.  Here is a quick shot of where we are starting:


The hardest part was the appliance cabinet on the right.  We chose to use the built in Ikea appliances because they look great and were an incredible price once you factor in the 20% off.  Full disclosure, I didn’t like the directions for this part of the project so I made up my own which you can follow as we go through this appliance cabinet.  I’ll try to point out where my approach is different from the Ikea instructions.

First I unpacked the ikea appliances to get an idea of what we were working with.  I found the instructions a bit nebulous so I wanted to verify all of the dimensions.  Definitely have a friend help you with that oven… it is heavy.  Once they were unpacked I attached the hardware to the appliances and checked out how they would mount to the cabinet because the next step is critical.


First the bottom drawer and shelves were installed (see pic below).  Full Disclosure: This is the first point that I veer off the Ikea instructions and was the biggest point of consternation in the whole build… I wish someone had posted this before I had to figure it out.   I took 12″ drawerfront that I bought from ikea and measure up to where it would land on the bottom shelf if I mounted the oven there.  As you can see the bottom shelf is now about 12″ above the bottom of the appliance cabinet.  This is the shelf that your oven rests on.  In the future that 4″ drawer front will be removed and reused as trim.  Unfortunately, you have to buy an entire package of 30″ drawer fronts if you want to use this method instead of the ikea method.  The benefit relative to the original instructions is that you gain a 12″ deep drawer space, and 3/4 of of horizontal distance to the island.

Next I measured the oven for the exact height that the next shelf would need to land in order for the oven flange to meet up with the microwave flange (none of this is covered in the ikea literature as the configurations of this cabinet are too numerous).  So that gives you height of the second shelf.  Finally, the top shelf is essentially an upper cabinet with 24″ doors.  That last shelf can be located by measuring down 24″ from the top.

appliance Cabinet

Next I slid in the appliances and called the electrician to hook them up.  As you can see we mounted them directly to the cabinet frame whereas Ikea would have you trim out this cabinet with a large panel and mount to that to fill in the holes above and below.  Don’t forget to buy some torx bit driver heads…. I got all the way to the project sight and couldn’t find one to hook up those brackets on the microwave.


Next I took the 4″ drawer front from below and cut it down to place above the microwave using the table saw.  To do this, i pulled used some of the ikea L brackets and pocket hole screws to attach the drawer from behind.


As you can see this makes the microwave, this cut down drawerfront and oven the same depth from the wall.  This is what saved us the 3/4″ rather than mounting the microwave and oven to a large cut out panel front.  Finally, we attached the 12″ drawer bottom, which i’m surprised isn’t standard from Ikea as it works so well for this.


Finally, we installed all of the rest of the doors which is about an hour long task once you get going for the whole kitchen.  You basically just pop the hings in the pre cut whole and screw the other side into the door frame.  Ikea Blum hardware is fantastic.


Next time we will cover the custom crown molding, backsplash, and baseboards.

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